Today is Tuesday! It’s been another lovely day and the children have enjoyed the weather outside 😊

Group time is so much fun! It’s a great part of the day where we can sit down with the children and hear their little voices! Together we talk about which books we would like to read or which songs we would like to sing. The children interact with each other and with their educators too!!

The children that participated in yoga today had so much energy! We practiced our jumping, animal poses and stretching. Through our daily yoga sessions, the children are able to develop their motor skills, balance and coordination.

Watermelon is a fruit that we serve in the Emerald room and the children love to eat it! Today the children enjoyed decorating their own watermelon slices! Through these ‘fruity’ activities, children can broaden their understanding of fruit and vegetables, what is healthy for their bodies and expand their vocabulary!

Today we went on a colour hunt! Robyn stuck red, blue, green and yellow paper around the garden and the children helped her to find them all! Well done everyone for joining in!

What a lovely day! The children have had lots of fun making music with homemade shakers, exercising their fine motor skills by posting lolly sticks through old formula tins and exploring play dough!

Today we also celebrated Billie’s birthday! Happy Birthday Billie, we hope you enjoyed your special day playing with all your friends! 😊

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