Our day started with Yoga, where the children warmed up their bodies and minds for the busy day ahead. We sang good morning songs, alphabet songs with Tima and read some books chosen by our children during group time. They also shared their feelings with all the educators about what they like to do in their new room; some children said they like to play with cars outside, read books in book corner and play in Home corner.


In small groups, the children were invited to do different activities such as tracing letters, putting cards in sequences to make a story and some children were busy in making their own flowers to make our birthday chart.


Elaria brought a picture for her show and tell where she talked about how she enjoyed her day with her favourite Paw Patrol character “Bingo” after she went to the show with her sister. She sang songs and danced on the stage with all the characters.


During rest/relaxation time, our children did meditation with Aleja and after that in the afternoon they had their free play where they chose activities according to their interests.


We had a lovely day!

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