Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another day with us here in the Magenta group.

This morning we had a lovely start to our day with yoga in the garden and a lovely morning tea watching the weather change from cloudy to sunny.  This morning during group time we sung our good morning and welcome songs and then Justin and Shawn came for a lesson on science. Today we explored to topic of mixing colour and watching as the colours blue, yellow and red changed into orange, green and purple as we mixed them together.

Edward – blue and red are making purple – look, look I see it

Leo- Yellow and blue are making green Tima. It is green mixing

Alana – Red and yellow are making orange. I can mix them really fast.

Isla- yes, yes red and yellow make orange and I love it. it is pretty

Some of our other activities today were creating our very own train out of recycled boxes and chairs.

Sage – I am going to a Halloween party on my train.

Isla – I am going to a Elsa party it is frozen on the train.

Edward – I am making super-duper train long choo choo train with boxes and my chair

Georgia – I am going to the beach

Some more activities were Mini sandpit world, drawing, painting, large obstacle course, Mr Potato head, and the children asked Tima if they could take some textas and paper outside and draw. Tima said what a lovely idea and they set up a table and they began to create their masterpieces.

Sage – I am drawing a seas-saw

Elise – I am drawing the playground

Alice – i am drawing a castle

For the afternoon  we did some quiet outside reading and group game activities like “Sandy girl” and  “ doggy, doggy where’s your bone” and had a lovely afternoon tea with all our friends and chatted about the wonderful day we had.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon and see you all tomorrow,


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