Hi Aqua families and welcome to another day of Aqua!

Today we started our cool morning by staying beside the campfire we made in the garden and made some Marshmallow’s on sticks. Our camping trip was really fun and the children talked about their favorite coloured Marshmallow and how some of them had a Babyccino.

In our literacy time, the children enjoyed singing songs and listening to stories with Katherine, Natasha and Liza. This helps to enhance their full body concentration as well as their vocabulary.

For the Aqua Jungle project, the children continued to contribute to adding to the jungle animals using their creativity. Today, the children enjoyed making snakes with Liza using thread and coloured pasta and compared them with each other to identify which was the longest snake. Pasha loved pretending to become a Giraffe and mentioned ‘’I am a Giraffe’’ as he was wearing a giraffe t-shirt.

The children loved the small world experience with Zoo animals yesterday, so Donna added it again to today’s learning centre time. Pasha really enjoyed finding the animals in the book, While some of the children still enjoyed exploring the jungle habitat outdoor with their sensory experiences.

With Katherine, Amelia and Nishka showed their creativity skills and made a doctor kit and pretended to be the doctors of the aqua room. they took care of the sick patients and checked their friends temperatures. . Della, Joey and Celina joined them and started taking care of sick patients too! This experience facilitates children’s social-emotional development.

Our artist continued to interpret their imaginations via artwork.

Isla “this is my rainbow house!”

Zoe “I am making a rainbow room too!”

Rockstar Pasha and Alice enjoyed playing guitar with Rockstar Komalpreet and they sang Old Mc Donald together.

Della and Sophie enjoyed time together cutting and displaying their good scissor control.

Zoe and Pasha explored the zoo animal puzzles and showed their wonderful cognitive skills.

We had a fun day today and are looking forward to seeing all the Mums for the breakfast in the morning. Have a lovely day.


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