Good afternoon, Crimson families. We were lucky that it didn’t rain today, even though it was forecast to.


In the morning, the children were so happy and excited to see Sean and Justin. Two of them have arrived, which means it’s science time! Today, we experimented with mixing colours. We mixed small amounts of the basic colours – red, blue, green and yellow – and observed the changes in colour. In the end, we had a variety of colours in different tones and it was amazing to see them all together.


While waiting for a turn for science, Max and Teos enjoyed being police officer and wrote their statement with great enthusiasm. Jeffrey, Viraj and Ada were busy exploring letters, and Imri, Belian were challenging their motor skills.

On the deck, Adeline, Ava, Maddison, Lily, Archie, Luca, Shona, Arya, and Isabelle were all busy working at the Burns bay sandwich shop. They negotiated their role and shared resources as well as space.


Inside the room, Belian, Imri, Edward and Liam became creative and building with colourful blocks. They arranged the blocks according to the picture, competed for blocks for height, and used their imagination to put the blocks together.


In the afternoon, music teacher Daniel came for a lesson. Children enjoyed being part of it.


Have a lovely evening. See you tomorrow!


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