Good afternoon, Crimson families. We were blessed with another beautiful day and the children had an active and fun day!


In the morning group time, we discussed our rules, such as ‘using walking feet inside and on the deck’, ‘respecting each other’, ‘packing away toys after finish playing’ etc…


After that, it was time for group activities.

Kookaburras discussed more water. Children sang songs and did action for the water cycle song. As they continued learning, they are getting more familiar with the concept of evaporation, condensation or precipitation. After discussion, the children worked very hard to prepare for Mother’s day breakfast tomorrow. Children decorated photo frame so we can take lovely photos with mummy.


Platypuses continued to work on literacy. Some children were encouraged to write their names on the black paper while other children explored alphabets on the whiteboard. Construction is always a hit for all children. The children built structures around the spacecraft carrying the astronauts, and also built houses.


Possums continued to explore Tasmania. Shoko asked some questions to review what we have learned so far. Some children were able to correctly answer the number of states in Australia. Shona then quickly added that there were two territories. Arya was the first one to point out the name and location of Tasmania. How well you remembered!!! After, Joshan mentioned that we can see Penguins in Tasmania. Yes, we can! Shoko added there is actually the town called Penguin, and the beach called Penguin beach. The children all agreed that we would like to go to that town and see the penguins together!



Thank you for the fun Thursday. We look forward to seeing you at our Mother’s Day breakfast tomorrow!!!!


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