Happy Wednesday! We have had a wonderful day learning about colours and creating beautiful arts and crafts.

During group time, the children sat down and sang lots of songs with their educators Jasmine and Cindy! The children are learning so much and they have even started to request their favourite songs!

Yoga with this cheeky bunch is always fun! We move our bodies and stretch and dance! It’s such a fun way to promote exercise and physical development.

Today we used zip-lock bags to paint muddy pigs on the farm! This was fun … and not at all messy 😊 The children enjoyed pushing the paint around in the bag and then pulling the pig out to see what they had done.

We had fun colour matching blocks. The children sat in the tray and matched the red, blue, yellow and green blocks to their correct papers!

Today has been so much fun! We played with play dough, rolling, poking and squishing the playdough to make fun shapes. We also used our homemade shakers to make music and did some drawing too!

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