Dear families, what a lovely morning it was!

Thank you all for joining BBC family for morning breakfast. And once again Happy Mother’s Day to all our hardworking mums 😊

We began our rest of the day with some stretches. Sara demonstrated all her peers for different Yoga poses and all her peers listened and followed her.

In literacy time, children enjoyed singing songs and listening to the stories with Nita, Carolina and Komalpreet. This helps in enriching children’s listening skills, vocabularies as well as their whole body-concentration skills.

Zoe, Celina, Molly and Isabelle continued to create snakes of the jungle and destined to make the longest one as possible as they can. The threading process to create the snake facilitates children’s hand-eye coordination.

Anneliese pretended to become the Cheeky Monkey of our Aqua room whereas Celina, Amelia and Zoe continued to pretend having a morning breakfast.

Nishka and Iris pretended to become teachers and started doing their group time where both demonstrated good turn taking skills to tell the stories. Well Done!

Outside, sand pit is always a hit, children pretended to bake some cakes and shared a piece with each other and some got engaged in sensory play with some water play, sand play and paintings.

Children had a busy day today exploring the learning experiences, hope you all had a good day too!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! 😊

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