Thursday is here and the sun in shining! What a lovely day to explore, learn and play 😊

Today, during group time, the children read books and played little games with their educators! Ekta read ‘The Green Sheep’ and everyone love it. They joined in and helped Ekta to finish the sentences!

Yoga time is lots of fun and the children enjoy participating with their friends. Together we exercise our gross motor skills and practice different animal poses!

We’ve been exploring shapes in the Emerald room and today the children were invited to sit down and stamp with different shaped blocks. The children loved to see what shapes the blocks made on their paper!

Puzzles are a great way to encourage perseverance and problem-solving skills! Our Emerald children tried very hard to find the correct puzzle piece for the correct hole. Great job everyone 😊

Today has been lovely! The children enjoyed the sandpit, the trains and painting…

Today we also celebrated Alix’s birthday! Her friends all gathered round to sing Happy Birthday and to watch Alix blow out the candle on her beautiful rainbow cake! Yum 😊

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