This morning we all were excited to have our Mother’s Day breakfast with our mummies. We had our breakfast with our mummies and then took some beautiful pictures in our photo booth, made some flower bouquets as well.

Our group time started with good morning songs followed by ABC, Days of the week and 123 number songs. we read a book called “MOM” and talked about their feelings towards their mummies. We also discussed about today’s special day and what did they like the most about it.

Miss Sony organised also some water colours for our children to express their feelings about this special day. They also made some awards for their mummies by using colour pencils.


In the afternoon during free play, children chose their interest-based activities and had fun with their friends both in indoor and outdoor.


Hopefully, they had a great fun with their peers and mummies!


Have a wonderful weekend Magenta families. See you next week!!!










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