Happy Monday to all our Aqua families. We hope you had a wonderful weekend.

The children have shared many of their adventures they had on the weekend. They spoke about going to the park and playing on the swings. It sounded like there was lots of fun had.

Today the children have been having many fun experiences in Aqua; with Trish and our friend Ella they started the morning off with some yoga. They used the mats to lie on and controlled their breathing, relaxing and ready to start their morning.

Molly and Remi enjoyed time exploring colours. They used the boards and placed matching colours on top. When asked if they can name the colours, Molly shouted, ‘’red’’ and ‘’yellow’’.

Iris and India had some time together being creative. They used fine motor skills and controlled the pencil to make many lines on the paper.

Henry was found in the sandpit with his cars, he loves driving them around.

Nicholas C and Reeti made a great big tower, and laughed when it fell over, exploring cause and effect.

Inside there was a lot of dancing happening. The children love the music, they move their body to the rhythm.

Group time as always was very hands on, Katherine used mother Duck and the babies on her fingers. The children loved it and happily sang along to the songs.

After group time we had learning centre time. We explored the small zoo world as we have been completing a project about them. Please come and have a look at the wonderful display in the room, the children have been working so very hard.

Some of the children made some playdough with Komalpreet, they enjoy making it and it is particularly good learning experience for them. Making dough supports many developmental areas, some being early science, literacy, and numeracy and many more.

What a fun filled Monday. We hope you had a lovely Monday like us!

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