Good afternoon, Crimson families. It was such a warm and beautiful day to start our new week in the Crimson room.


In the morning group time, we discussed how we had spent our weekend. Some children said they went to the park with families or friends, others said they went to see their grandparents. How lovely!


After that, we were all busy exploring various activities in different learning spaces.


Kookaburras explored shapes, by using paddle pop sticks. children listened and watched Arturo’s demonstration before. Then children showed their concentration skill to put sticks together to get the shape they wanted.


Platypuses spent their learning centre time with Durshi. She tried to get to know each child well in group time, asking them different questions. They also discussed the weather, following on from the discussion last week about the importance of rain. Children remembered what they had learnt last week and were able to explain why we need the rain.


This week the possums decided to learn about Victoria. The children listened to a book called ‘Australian Road Trip’ and discovered that there is a tourist attraction called the Great Ocean Road. They also found out that it is dotted with rocks called the ’12 Apostles’. We then made playdough together and used it to make the 12 Apostles on a picture of the sea. While making the playdough, the children were kind to each other, taking turns, sharing and waiting patiently.


In the afternoon Captain Joey came to give us a tennis lesson. The children who took part in this additional program were not only hitting the ball but also moving their bodies in different ways.


Thank you for a fun filling Monday. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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