Happy Monday! 🙂

We had a fantastic start to our morning with Alejandra by doing Yoga; we did some animal poses. While doing this, the children tried to name the poses in Spanish too. They were excited to do different poses of their choice.

Outside, children were engaged themselves in the yard with so many wonderful activities. Thomas, Leonardo and Louis enjoyed some time in the construction corner, while Olivia, Charlotte, Alice and Georgia enjoyed some time at the building corner.

Group time was done wonderfully with Tima and Sony where children were learning new rhymes and songs in different languages.

Learning centre time was super exciting today as children made a tree to make a beautiful family tree for Magenta room with Alejandra. They used different colours to create their tree and demonstrated many skills such as their creativity and fine motor.

With Tima, the children started practicing writing their names by copying the letters, or tracing.

We did a science experiment called a ‘Rainbow Experiment’ with Sony by using food colouring, water in containers and some paper towel. Children were excited to see the colours changing and how it was moving up along the paper.

It was such a fun day!

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