Good afternoon, Crimson families. It’s another sunny day without any cloud in the sky! The children were so happy to be able to play in the yard.


In the morning group time, children listened to a story about a boy who takes all sorts of things from giant without asking. During and after reading the story, Anne asked a variety of questions to encourage children to think deeply about the nature of the story. Also, Shona shared a photo with us and explained it.


After that, it was time for the children to absorb their learning in their own groups.


Kookaburras explored float and sink as an extension of their learning experience yesterday. Children were able to make a conclusion that objects that are lighter than water float whereas the heavier ones sink. They did an experiment in the sandpit and everyone helped set up. Children were amazed to see which objects float and how others can stay under the water.


Platypuses continued to work on literacy. Children practised rearranging the alphabet to complete their names and writing sentences. Construction is always a big hit. Today, the magnetic panels and the construction cranes were set up together. The children used their imaginations to build and it looked like a construction site!


Possums continued to lean about Victoria. They went over what they had learnt yesterday, asking questions to the children who had come yesterday. Most children in the group are now able to correctly answer the number of states and territories in Australia!! After discussion, children were encouraged to create the 12 Apostles with playdough on a picture of the sea. Also, in response to Archie’s request, the experiment of mixing colours was set up again. He and the other children enjoyed this experiment very much and spent a lot of time at this table.


Oh, what a fun day we had. We hope tomorrow will be as good as today! See you tomorrow.


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