Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 The children have had a lovely day learning about fruit and vegetables and participating in arts and crafts!

We love group time! It’s a great way to start our day and a lovely chance to sit down with the children and engage in meaningful conversation. We love to read books together, pointing at the pictures and talking about them too!

Yoga with Bernice!? What a treat! The children were excited to join in and show off what they have been learning to their teacher! They jumped high and stretched their bodies into different yoga poses!

Today we painted sunshines! We aren’t going to let this chilly weather get us down! The children used their fine motor skills to decorate their sunshines 😊

We love using visual aids to learn about fruit and vegetables! The children have been matching the pictures together and expanding their vocabularies too!

What a great day! The children loved using the kitchen set to cook each other dinner and they enjoyed posting pompoms into jars to develop their fine motor skills too!

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