Good afternoon dear Aqua families,

Today we started our day off with a lovely morning tea of fresh fruit on the balcony,  a play in the garden aswell as some dancing and drawing.

It was interesting how Amelia drew her mum and mentioned that her mum has three legs because she wanted her mum to become a spider.

Outside, our active children used their great eye-body coordination to pop the blown bubbles and sing the “Tiny Turtle” song along with their teacher. It was great fun to see the children jumping and laughing trying to catch the  bubbles moving with the morning breeze.

Some children wanted to go on a bear hunt with Liza and had a wonderful time singing about the journey of the long swishy grass and being stuck in the mud before they found their bear at the end of the cave.

A small discussion group was also formed where Isla, Iris, Molly, Nishka, Sophia and Remi discussed about their special clothing they were wearing.

Isla “I have Elsa hairclip!”

Niska “I have the same too!”

Sophia B. “ I have hearts on my jumper.”

Molly “And I have rainbow colours on my jumper!”

Remi “I have sparkly letters on mine!”

Iris “I have my special rainbow bottle!”

In literacy time, the children loved singing and listening to stories with Nalina, Durshi and Carolina. This enriches the children’s language and listing skills.

Followed by learning center, Georgia and Elizabeth enjoyed painting a lion whereas Emmeline enjoyed sticking the leaves and feeling its texture.

“It is smooth….wavy” she said.

Some other children enjoyed exploring the jungle world, whilst some enjoyed the color mixing experiment by using droppers- facilitating their fine motor skills.

We also had the sandpit in full swing making sandcastles and knocking them down, the large obstacle course, reading books under the shade of the garden trees, lego fine motor construction and home corner kitchen for all the children to explore their way through.

It was great fun today and all our children loved playing with their peers.

Have a good day and see you all tomorrow.

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