Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a good day just as our little Crimson children here in the centre. It was freezing in the morning so the group decided to warm up by engaging in obstacle course Children were enthusiastic and excited to showcase their strength in front of the group. They went around the course exercising their balance, co-ordination, agility and focus.

We also had a fire drill in the morning where children reminded about the importance of doing a fire drill so we can a all be prepared in case of a fire emergency. Everyone was calm and attentive once the roll call started.

Moving on, the platypus group continued creating recycling boxes that the kookaburras started yesterday. Everyone was also reminded through discussion about the importance of saving papers as well as disposing them properly. In the afternoon, Maddie, Adelaine, and Belian helped in setting up a recycling station indoors and we’re looking forward to make one for the deck too.

The kookaburras on the other hand did some discussion about rhyming words that started after reading Maksym’s book, “The Silly Book”. Children also were exposed to new vocabulary and have been sensitive and aware of the words that have the same ending sound. Then, the group moved on to extending the water cycle. They sang a song and did some actions which represented how the water cycle happens. The group also made some wooden pop boats using paddle sticks.

The possums had equally amazing time outdoors and continued learning about the “Victoria state”. Discussion and sharing have been meaningful by children talking about their personal experiences as well as their thoughts and ideas. Then, the group enjoyed another experiment on colours and using different tools.

Our dear friend Adelaine has also celebrated her birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Adelaine!


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