Happy Wednesday! We have had a wonderful Wednesday learning all about our teeth and pretending to go shopping 😊

During group time we read lots of stories and said “Hello” to Robyn’s newest addition to her treasure basket … Doris the duck! The children all took it in turns to give her a cuddle and a pat. We sang ‘5 Little Ducks’ together and it was so lovely to hear the children’s voices as they quacked along to the song!

We are always so excited to participate in yoga each morning! It is such a fun and physical way to engage the children in moving their bodies and following different poses. Today we focused on being a big tree!

Welcome to the Emerald room Supermarket! We all had so much fun using our ‘money’ to buy food from the shop 😊 This is such a fun way to promote children’s imagination and to broaden their understanding of the world around them in a way that they have experienced before, by going to the shops with Mum and Dad!

Today we practiced brushing teeth! The children used toothbrushes and shaving foam to brush the teeth in the picture. This was a great activity for the children to learn more about dental hygiene practices and keeping their teeth healthy!

What a great day!

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