During group time our children enjoyed their good morning songs followed by learning about numbers, days of the week and the ABC song.  Tima read beautiful stories about rainbows, fire engines and their favourite, the monster book.

Isla, Henry, Edward, Emmeline and Georgia were happy doing Yoga with Sony inside this morning as it was a bit too cold outside.

Isaac and Saige made our “My First Calendar”,  where they put up the month, year, date and weather of the day.

While reading a book called ‘Shark in the Park’, the children pointed out a Magpie and talked about their experience/knowledge with the bird:

Edward “they all peck you”

Elaria and Isla “Magpie sings for us”

Alannah “I saw it in the park”

Saige “it was in the park and it was white colour”

Emmeline “Gave food to the magpie”


Olivia, Elaria and Leo did their show and tell during group time and talked about their toys and pictures.

To extend their interest about Rainbows, Sony organised one science experiment where children used different food colouring, water and paper towel.

Isaac, Leo, Thomas, Louis, Henry, Elaria, Emmeline, Elise all liked the fire engine dress up which was set outside. They pretended to drive the fire truck and save people that were stuck in a fire, and put the fire out!

Some children did meditation with Alejandra. It is a lovely way to relax, practice breathing and prepare ourselves for the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the children chose their own favourite play areas in the yard; Georgia, Alice and Isla liked to play with the doll house, whilst Leo, Isaac, Louis and Thomas chose to play in the block corner.

What a fun day today!

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