What a splendid morning today in Magenta!

Children started their day with good morning songs, ABC and days of the week songs with our educators. During group time Tima read beautiful stories to them as well.

The children were excited to see their new “Calendar Learning Board” which was gifted by Isla’s parents. Isla showed them how to put the days, months and years correctly on the board.

During show and tell Isla brought a clock and pointed her finger at the number 0.

Looking at the clock, Saige said, “all my family has a clock”, Levi said “it’s a yellow clock” and Isabelle shared, “I have a clock at home”.

Edward had some Paw Patrol stickers for his show tell and he was happy to share with his peers; whilst Elaria had a special bumble bee as she got it from the market.

During learning centre time, we had three different groups with different activities organised by our educators.

Sony continued her rainbow colour experiments with children as they were happy to find out how the colours were mixing up together and how it was spreading all over the paper, making some patterns. They chose their own colours to make their own rainbows.

The children were busy making family trees with Alejandra; whilst with Tima the children were in the playing with the doll house, playing with different types of cars and building  blocks.

The children explored dough and Thomas said, “I’m making a ball”, whilst Saige said “I am making sushi for my friends”, Charlotte made a “worm and baby”, Alannah said “look at my  green and red apples”, Elise said “I am busy in cutting the play dough in pieces for lunch”

Luca and Levi were reading book together and said “Look Tima we are best friends”.

Henry and Charles were having fun with each other whilst playing “Ringa Ringa Roses” with each other.

In the afternoon,  the children did meditation with Alejandra and after that they chose their interest based play both inside and outside.

Lastly, we want to thank Isla’s parents for their beautiful gesture!




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