Good Afternoon everyone and hope you are having a lovely day. The days passes by so quickly! Its nearly the end of the week.

Our Aqua children started their morning with some moves and grooves by incorporating the scarf-facilitating their body coordination with the props.

Outside, Sophie and Baveen got busy in constructing sandcastles.

During literacy time, the children enjoyed listening to stories to promote their language development and singing days of the weeks and five little ducks to expose children to mathematical concepts of learning.

In learning center time, Sophie and Sophia continued to create jungle animals for our Aqua jungle whilst Pasha, Rupert and Elizabeth went on the animal hunt.

Extending on the children’s interest in painting with droppers, today the children were exposed to Aboriginal colours and use droppers to explore it.

Annabel, Della, Joey and Rami pretended they were in their homes enjoying their free drawing. Amelia, Madeline, Joey and Alegria demonstrated good sharing of their books with each other.

All our Aqua children were very engaged in their play throughout the day.

Hope you all had a good day too.

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