Hola! We have had a busy day today in Crimson but children have been productive and enjoyed engaging in different experiences that were extensions of their learning as well as some spontaneous experiences.

The kookaburras extended their learning about water as well as with the concept of “float and sink”. They continued creating a boat using paddle sticks and began to understand how the boats keep floating on the sea as well as how it can sink under the water.

The possums on the other hand were busy with the fire station and our fire fighters were occupied trying to put off the fire!

Arya and Joshan were in charge of completing the emergency report and gathering other important details of the incident.

Oli, Adeline, Jack and Ava had a great time exploring the playdough creating different forms.

Meanwhile, the possums focused on “friendships” and forming positive relationships. The children were encouraged to paint a picture of their friend. They also practiced spelling their names through letter magnets as well as memory card matching and



Everyone was busy building up their boats and making it strong and sturdy!

Children’s pretend fire emergency was extended to the sandpit area where children made a “fire emergency”.

Children watched as Frank and Dominic fix the cubby house outdoor and were all excited for it to get ready to play.

Oli was happy to show the educator what he just built!

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