Good afternoon families!

Our day started with yoga and some jogging and jumping, to warm up our mind and body.

We sang our good morning song in different languages, the ABC song and talked about the day, month, weather, and date with the help of our calendar.

Olivia wore a magenta jumper with a unicorn on it for her show and tell and Kavya brought a dolly and talked about her special toy and shared with her peers.

While talking about seasons, the children showed their interest in some activities related to Autumn. Tima organised one activity where children used dry leaves and sand to represent this season during their learning centre time.

During free play, children chose their activities according to their interests; some children liked to play with the dinosaurs, some in our cubby house with puppets, filling rice in the bottle where they demonstrated their sensory and numeracy skills (measuring quantity and concepts such as full/empty) as well as with trucks.

We did some meditation with Sony after lunch to calm down and some rest to their bodies.

This afternoon the children engaged in some physical activity like jumping, balancing along the stepping stones and balance beam where they demonstrated their gross motor skills, perseverance and problem solving skills.

We had a wonderful day in BBC with their friends and teachers!

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