Good afternoon dear Aqua family and hope you all are coping with this chill Friday.

We started out cold morning by engaging in indoor activities.

Elizabeth was busy washing dishes after finishing her breakfast whilst Isabelle was busy putting changing baby’s nappy. Likewise, Anneliese depicted her emotional feeling towards her crying baby by rocking her to sleep.

In our literacy time, children enjoyed group time with Carolina and Komalpreet; children depicted their good listening skills when stories were read aloud and sang “Days of the Week” song~ exposing children to mathematical concepts of learning.

Followed by learning center, Sophia B. and Sophie participated in making imprints of leaves and encouraged for one-to-one correspondence counting and Pasha, Nishka, Sara and Molly demonstrated their best fine motor skills to do some sticking.

We took a sneak to run outside while it was not raining and blew some bubbles and popped them. children showed their good sharing and turn-taking skills here. Well Done!

All our Aqua children were very engaged in their play throughout the day.

Hope you all had a good day too! Have a lovely weekend and stay warm 😊

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