Today some of the children have begun their day signing themselves into the service, well done.

The children in the platypus group with possum’s have been exploring friendships and who our friends are. We have been discussing what makes a friend and how we can be good friends. Maddison shared ‘you can ask them to be your friend and be kind’. Teos thought sharing and being nice, while Ryan shared ‘being kind’. Alexia, Ava and Laura thought playing is a good to make friends. Liam shared ‘sharing and talking and Jack shared Liam was his friend.

We read the book ‘Friends’ by Eric Carl and invited the children to think about who their friends were and invited them to paint a portrait of them.

As an extension from the magnet letters and boards, we added whiteboard markers for children to write their name and then find the letters.

Today we have also played a memory game and taken turns to find pairs. The magnetic tiles, astronauts and cranes continue to be a popular choice by children, with Ryan and Teos working together to enclose the crane in their building, making a house for Ryan’s bucklegun and astronaut. Arda and Viraj worked on a house for their  astronauts and Laura blasted off into space.

The children in the kookaburra group have continue to explore the water cycle where they have been exploring the clouds, such as cumulus and cirrus, the different sizes, heights and formation such as water and ice crystals.

‘No significant learning occurs, without a significant relationship’ –Dr James Comer.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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