Thursday in the Emerald room has been lots of fun! The children love learning about healthy eating and role playing in the kitchen together!

At group time, the children gathered round to sit and listen to their favourite stories and sing songs! We loved participating in group time with our student, Tim, where we read books about colours and shapes!

Yoga with Affa today! The children loved warming up their bodies with some light exercise on a brisk morning! We focused on stretching our bodies and flying like butterflies!

The children have really been engaged with our healthy eating activities! Today the children helped to match the pretend food to their pair and had so much fun! We talked about the different fruits and vegetables they could see and what colours they are. It’s great to hear the children’s voices and to see them expanding their vocabularies!

We love to glue and stick! Today the children used their fine motor skills to stick little pieces of coloured paper to decorate a bunny rabbit!

Thanks for such a delightful Thursday 😊 We enjoyed playdough, the sand pit and exploring the farm animals!

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