Happy Friday to everyone!

Though it was raining this morning, the children were busy inside engaging in different activities such as playing with play dough, tracing letters and playing with cars.

They enjoyed their morning singing good morning to each other, as well as singing other rhymes during group time.

Sony read a book named as ‘You Are My Best Friend’ and extended on it by inviting them to talk about friendship, and draw a picture to show what they like to do with their friends.

Other children showed their interest in doing the rainbow experiment with Sony. They chose their own food colour and used paper towel.

Children continued making their Autumn collage using dry leaves and sand. Through this experience, children explored natural resources, as well as their creativity.

In the afternoon during quite time, they did meditation with Tima by sitting in a circle and talking about how we can make ourselves calm and why our body needs rest. Children talked about taking deep breaths, closing our eyes, listening to the rain or soft music.

When the rain stopped, we went outside and had some physical activities to get some of our energy out; playing with the balls, hiding inside the cubby house, or doing some rainbow painting.

Have a lovely weekend!

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