Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another week with us here in the Aqua Group. We hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying your start to the week.

We had a lovely start to our Monday with some morning dancing, indoor table activities such as fine motor puzzles, social home corner play and large block building where we built our very own block city. We also had a relaxing morning tea on the balcony with an assortment of fresh fruit, crackers and cheese.

For group time we explored our language songs of animals, the weather and action songs like “stand up, jump up and jingle jangle scarecrow”. We read some stories and had some group discussions about the stories we read.

Some of our learning centre activities today were painting the weather, aboriginal dot painting, flower garden paper gluing and large table mural drawing.

Some of our other activities today before the rain arrived was garden cooking where we made our friends and educators some coffee and sandwiches, sandpit truck play where we built our own construction sight with diggers and helpers, reading mat where we sat and read with our friends and our jumping jack large obstacle course.

For the afternoon we had fit and funky kids, afternoon action and singing songs as well as bonkers beat drum circle for the children to explore fast and slow tempos of some musical songs.

Hope you all had a lovely day and see you all tomorrow.

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