Happy Monday! I hope everyone is ready for another fantastic week of activities, exploration and learning 😊

We kicked off the week with group time (of course)! The children were excited to sit down with their educators and talk about their weekends. During Jasmine’s group time, the children interacted and sang songs with puppets and with Bernice, they read books together, encouraging speech and language.

The children had lots of fun moving their bodies in a different way this morning! Today we used a hula-hoop and the coloured balls to promote gross motor movements through stretching and throwing. Everyone had so much fun practicing their aim 😊

Drawing is a great way to develop fine motor skills and helps the children to improve their grip too!

We explored the playdough today with blocks! The children used the blocks to push into the playdough and see what shapes they made.

What a marvellous Monday we have had playing in the sand pit, dancing and solving puzzles!

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