Good afternoon dear Aqua families. Hope you are all having a great day.

We started our day off with indoor activities where the Aqua children enjoyed dancing and solving puzzles enhancing their cognitive skills.

During literacy time, the Aqua children demonstrated their good listening skills in group time and actively participated in our group discussion.

In learning center time, the children enjoyed using their problem-solving skills to pick up dinosaurs using tongs out of a container.

Elizabeth enjoyed the sensory play to develop her relationship with the land and explore Indigenous patterns.

With Komalpreet lots of children enjoyed creating their own version of the sun and rainbow craft with paper plates whilst with Durshi, based on the children’s interest, the children loved making a beach using paint, sand and cotton.

Pasha loved exploring the Aqua Jungle and engaged in the experience for 20 minutes.

Our Aqua children enjoyed exploring the Aqua room and participating in their learning experiences, keeping themselves busy.

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