Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to another fun week here in Burns Bay Cottage.

As we celebrate the 20th year of Reconciliation week, the platypus group had a very interesting discussion about what the occasion truly means and what can we learn from it. I started by asking the children if they know what the word “reconciliation” means and Oscar responded by asking, “What does it mean?” The group shared ideas and in the end understood that the word means, making peace, respecting and valuing relationships. The group also begun learning about Aboriginal culture such as symbols and practices. After the discussion, some of them chose to do some dot painting, others used the sand to write Aboriginal symbols whilst others used stones to trace them. We would like to extend more about this experience for the coming week and dig deeper as to how we can take part in the celebration.

The kookaburra group had equally interesting morning as they continue talking about water and its phases. Since it was raining last night and the sun started to come out this morning, Arturo showed the children how the water evaporates, outside in the yard. Children were amazed and curious about the whole process, sparking another experiment. This time, Arturo used a dryer to show how heat can vaporise the liquid.

The possum group, on the other hand, has continued exploring around Australia and this week they will be focusing on Northern territory. They have had amazing discussion about Uluru and how important it is for Aboriginal people. As the children were very much curious about it, they decided to create an interpretation of Uluru. The group had also a meaningful discussion about the Aboriginal people as the first people on this country and how we should be paying respect to them and their culture.


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