Hola! As we celebrate the 20th year of National Reconciliation day, the Crimson children were provided the opportunities to learn and know more about the purpose of the celebration as well as the Aboriginal culture. Also, during the day, different activities were spread out to cater to other areas of children’s development.

The kookaburras also continued doing their water cycle project and this time they made clouds using some cotton balls. This is after they went outdoors to observe how the clouds looked like this morning. They observed the shapes of the clouds they saw, noticed how high they were and also how they move like they were passing by.

As the possum group was very interested with “Uluru” and started learning about its importance on Aboriginal people, they decided to dig deeper and know some more facts about it. They watched some video clips and heard from Aboriginal people themselves. They continued working on the craft they did yesterday by adding some dots on it after learning about Aboriginals’ dot painting technique.

Meanwhile, our platypus group extended on developing, appreciating and forming social relationships. They started the day by reading a book about friendship that encouraged sharing of thoughts and feelings amongst the group. They spoke about who their friends are and why they like them. As they move on, the children created bracelets for each other and also a made a beautiful artwork for their friends.


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