It’s Tuesday and the children have enjoyed lots of fun games and activities throughout the day 😊

They loved group time this morning with Ekta, Bernice and Robyn. We read books, sang ‘Brown Bear’ together and ‘5 Cheeky Monkeys’ with the crocodile puppet! We love learning new songs and rhymes and encouraging singing!

During our yoga session today, the children practiced their yoga poses and even showed off their own made up poses! What a fantastic way to exercise our gross motor skills!

Fruit and vegetables have been a hot topic in the Emerald room! Today the children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to glue and stick their favourite fruit and vegetables onto their paper. They talked about the different fruit as they stuck them down!

We played in our pop up tent with the coloured balls …

It’s reconciliation week – a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements! Today we painted handprints!

Robyn found another spider to show everyone! The children enjoyed looking at the spider so close up and had fun singing ‘Incy Wincy’!

When the older children were sleeping, the younger children explored slime! What a fun and sensory experience 😊

Today has been so much fun! The children have played with playdough, enjoyed the musical instruments, worked on their fine motor skills and read lots of books!

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