What a fun start to our morning. The children got to see the bin truck which they love to watch. They saw the big arm reach out and grab the bin. The arm lifted it up in the air and emptied all the rubbish out. Even when we watch the rubbish been emptied, we are learning, full bin then empty bin.

India loves to build and today she made a tower with Ella. When it fell, she repeated the action again and again.

Today Donna was making eyes for the Lions we have been working on and the children decided they wanted new eyes. It was funny seeing everyone with new eyes.

To get ready for the day ahead the children started with some yoga, it will help enhance our concentration.

Alegria loves to be helpful and gave the children their morning tea.

Group time was full of learning opportunities, the children sang the days of the week song, which is helping us to understand the days of the week, and how to count to 7. We are learning how to concentrate for a length of time when we sit at group time.

We then joined our teachers for many different learning experiences, with Donna we are finishing our Lion’s for the zoo wall. We also had the opportunity to explore the zoo animals, Georgia and Sophia B especially enjoyed this experience.

With Liza the children got to go on a bear hunt. We were super excited when Liza set up the cave for us to go inside. We used our large gross motor to go over or through the objects set out. The children absolutely loved this opportunity Liza gave them.

With Drushi, the children got creative and made some cockroaches and spiders. We spotted an insect in the garden, so we got creative today and made our own.

With Natasha we are learning about shapes and matching them by color and the size of big and small.

We had many different experiences today and explored all day.

Have a lovely evening.

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