It’s a beautiful sunny Wednesday, everyone! Our Crimson children had some exciting activities planned for the day.

Since the children were asking to make some more bracelets that they can take home, Gail had organised that activity for the day and the platypus children were excitedly handpicked the colour and type of beads they would like to use for their bracelet. Afterwards, some of them directed their own activity and did some dramatic play in the sandpit where they pretended to serve food in a restaurant. Others chose to practise their fine motor skills with playdough activity whilst some head straight to the cubby house for some more fun and action.

The kookaburra group worked hard to create snowflakes. To begin with, they spoke about snow and how it forms in the stratus type of cloud which are typical higher than others. After some more research and discussion and concentration in making snowflakes, children successfully were able to make one. Then, the discussion branched to investigating how the snow is significantly cold. Children also created some umbrellas using different art materials.

The possum group on the other hand, had some chance to listen to Amol who discussed about the “National Sorry Day” event today. The group also listened to the story ‘Finding Our Hearts’ which is a story about Uluru. Then as they move on, the group decided to do similar dot painting experience whilst referring to the story ‘The Outback’ to draw some inspiration.


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