Happy Wednesday! Today the children have explored different environments and participated in many activities 😊

Today, the children had group time with their educators. Everyone loved reading books with Sandra, Afroz, Ekta and Robyn this morning! Together, we talk about the weather, the days of the week and the seasons. Today the children discussed Autumn and what fun activities they might be able to do later today!

We had a lot of fun doing yoga! Everyone was so helpful with the mats and taking off their shoes and socks. We stretched our bodies and worked on our balance!

The children enjoyed exploring the sensory tray full of autumn leaves! In one tray the children looked at autumn leaves, sticks and sand and in the other they looked at autumn leaves, pinecones and other natural materials! What a great way to understand the seasons and the world around them 😊

We promoted fine motor skills by gluing and sticking coloured paper.

Today was such a lovely day spent reading, drawing and playing together!

Billie taking a photo of Robyn and Alix, “Say cheese!”

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