Welcome to another day in Aqua, the days pass by really quick and its nearly the end of the week.

We started our chilled morning staying inside where Sophia decided to go for shopping whereas Pasha and Matilda decided to have morning breakfast with Ella.

The Aqua Children always enjoy our literacy time and enjoy listening to the stories and singing songs. This helps in enhancing their listening and vocabulary skills.

Georgia participated in exploring the jungle world and made some animal sounds. Joey also enjoyed exploring our Dinosaur world.

Nichola, Isabel and Elizabeth engaged in pretend play with the Indigenous babies. This helps open the opportunities for discussions on inclusion and diversity here at Burns Bay Cottage.

Isla and Sara enjoyed making some animal masks with Liza and pretended to become a red tiger and blue bear.

“Roarrrrr..!” said Isla.

“Roarrrrr.! I will scare you!” said Sara.

Joey, Zoe and Amelia pretended to sit in the park and read stories.

All our Aqua children enjoyed today staying warm.

Have a good evening.

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