It has been a great day for our Crimson children as they enjoy the sunny weather outdoors. The children have been engaged in meaningful discussions about the “Blood Moon” last night as well as the celebration of ” National Reconciliation Week”.


The platypus started their day by revisiting previous learning about Aboriginal culture. As we start the discussion, Teos asked, “Are Aboriginal people still alive?”

Ryan answered, “My daddy said they are!”

To support that, I showed them photos of Aboriginal people and we began talking about them and their culture. Upon looking at the photos, Maddison had great observations of how the Aboriginal people and us all look as we exchange ideas and thoughts. In the end, the group had more questions showing growing interest to develop their knowledge about the topic as well as learning to appreciate each others uniqueness.


Later, the group moved onto activities that promotes the Aboriginal culture such as using the playdough to trace the symbols. Others painted the characters they learnt from the dreamtime stories we read.


The kookaburras on the other hand, used their creativity and fine motor skills to create snowflakes. Afterwards, they engaged in dramatic play where they pretended to be snowflakes falling from the sky.

The possum group continued their journey in exploring the Northern territory. As they start sharing about previous learning to others, Shoko also shared some facts that made the children even more curious and interested.

Moving on, children went to engage in some self-selected activities indoors.

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