Good afternoon dear Aqua families, we hope you all are doing well.

Today the children started their day by engaging themselves with indoor activities. Nicholas and Elizabeth did some relaxing Yoga whilst Isabelle started her day by making Babycino’s at the Cafe.

Later, our curious minds decided to go on a treasure hunt and dug into the sandpit for treasure… we found two dinosaurs! Isabelle, Nicholas, Elizabeth and Matilda demonstrated great teamwork throughout the hunt. Well Done!

Aqua group children love singing, so in literacy time, they actively participated to sing good morning songs followed by enjoying various storytelling. Komalpreet, Durshi and Ella read lovely stories to the children. Some children then enjoyed sharing their own stories.

Isla “I am going to ballet tomorrow!”

Zoe “I danced with Celina and Amelia in the morning!”

Annabel “Mummy and I will look after my baby sister at home!”

Sara and Georgia enjoyed making Aboriginal patterns in sand. Sara tried making “mountains” whereas Georgia made a “boomerang”. This activity exposes children to experience cultural difference and practices of Indigenous people of Australia.

Many of the children enjoyed preparing playdough and explored the physical transition of flour turning from powder form to gooey to squishy and sticky form. This not only extends their sensory development but early science and maths as they explore processes.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! 😊

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