It was a windy yet beautiful day at Crimson today.

Here is the highlights of the day.

  • Fine motor skills: Children threaded colourful beads and made bracelets and necklaces. They demonstrated age-appropriate concentration while engaging in this activity. Don’t be surprised if you get one as a present today! Some of the Crimson children also showed their increasing cutting skills by cutting various shapes. Great for pre-wiring skills!
  • Cognitive skills: Providing loose materials to children gives them plenty of opportunities to try out their imagination into practice. The children made beautiful creations using big and small blocs.
  • Painting: Some spent quality time making superb creations form their favourite book. They used different sized paint brushes to decorate their artwork and it looked wonderful! They were proud to show off their name writing skills.
  • Sensory play: Sand pit and play dough being their all-time favourite, were busy today as well. The children loved transferring their knowledge form one context to another while engaging with these sensory materials.
  • Group Times: Throughout the day the children had great time listening to amazing stories. The interactive group times gave lots of learning opportunities to children to engage into discussions as well as answer open-ended questions.

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