Happy Friday! It is the end of another fantastic week in the Emerald room with lots of learning and exploring 😊

Our group times throughout the day are perfect opportunities to engage the children in meaningful conversations about all sorts of topics! Today we talked about the weather, discussed the books we read and clapped the days of the week.

The temperature has dropped today, but yoga is the perfect way to move our little bodies and promote our gross motor skills through big movements! Today we had lots of fun pretending to be frogs!

Fruit and vegetables are so much fun to talk about! Today the children sat down to complete fruit puzzles, play with pretend fruit and vegetables and fit together blocks to complete the pictures! What fun activities to encourage problem solving and language!

We had a lot of fun with the coloured balls and a tube today! We used our gross motor skills to reach up high and on our tip-toes to put the balls into the tube. We also talked about colours whilst we did this 😊

Thank you for a lovely week!

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