The Magenta group started their day with Yoga, where the children tried to learn different poses. After finishing yoga, they did group time with Tima. They sang one of their favourite songs ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and others songs in different languages.

The Children continued recognising the letters and numbers during learning about numeracy and literacy with Tima. To extend their learning about autumn season, Tima invited the children to do leaf tracing as well.

As reconciliation day is coming up, children learnt why we celebrate it. Magenta group also did some dot painting by using sticks and cotton buds to show respect to Aboriginal people.

During a group game, children sat in a circle and played ‘Doggy, Doggy Where is Your Bone?’ with their peers. These types of games help them with social, emotional and physical skills.

In the afternoon, children did meditation with Sony in the yard and after that chose their activities organised for them in both inside and outside environments, like the sand tray, in the cubby house, doll house, water painting, solving puzzles, making noodles out of play dough, magnets and reading books in our beautiful book corner. Some children also showed their cutting skills as well during free play.

Hopefully had a nice day in BBC!

See you tomorrow!

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