Early morning in the group time, we talked about ‘Reconciliation week’ and ‘National Sorry Day’. We talked to the children about ‘First Nation’ people and how they matter to our life. We talked about treating everyone with equality regardless of their colour, race, culture, and traditions. Furthermore, we cut boomerang shaped structure and painted them with three main aboriginal colours: Red, Black & Yellow.

It is Wednesday, so Shawn and Justin were in Magenta with their creative science ideas. They created slime with children and talked about mixing colours and creating other different colours. The activity was really engaging as children were responding very well to their questions. To extend their learning, Shawn and Justin created marble run which taught children about speed, motion and understanding the science behind it. They encouraged children to use the different speed for marble run. Children were comparing about bouncing them on slime or getting inside the slime.

In the afternoon, we took children to the mat in the yard where the children held each other’s hands together and played together. The activity was performed on the mat based on aboriginal background which means playing together. Children were loving playing together, holding hands and sharing love.

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