Good afternoon Aqua families. Hope you are all having a good start to your week.

Today, the Aqua children started their day with some music and movement where Amelia and Joey pretended to be Emma Wiggle and danced with the scarf as a prop.  Molly, Isla and Iris enjoyed forming their band and sang some lovely Frozen songs.

In group time, the children actively participated listening to stories and sung some morning songs. They also shared their stories about their weekend.

Isla “I did ballet and went to my new home”.

Joey “I went to the park with Finn”.

Isabel “I played with my sisters”.

These discussions/ sharing of stories help children to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Later, all the Aqua children participated in an incursion exploring African Music and they also got the opportunities to play one of the instruments. It was really fun!

Nishka, Amelia, Teresia, Pasha and Isla decided to carry a hand basket and take turns pretending to go to the library.

Molly, Remi and Emmeline worked together to build their park from Legos. Great Teamwork!

Later, the children enjoyed doing some painting, making a bear activity that further enhanced their hand-eye coordination.

All our Aqua children enjoyed the sunny and warm day.

Have a good evening everyone and see you all tomorrow.

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