It was a cold morning where children started their day by playing in the yard with play equipment. They were involved in gross motor skills and learnt about turn taking. The activity also involved collaboration with each other and balancing the body movements.

Tima took the group time and explained children about end of the autumn. She showed children autumn leaves and how every season have their own beauty.

Children learnt about what the ’Reconciliation Day’ means and why we celebrate this day. We read some dream time stories and invited to do one activity relating to that story with Sony. While doing this activity children explained their paintings in their own voices. They also did some dot paintings using different colours and cotton buds with Tima.

Throughout the day children were engaged in activities such as playing with magnets, farm animals, reading books, cooking foods for their friends in the home corner. After lunchtime we did meditation and relaxation of body for few minutes. During that period, we talked about why our body needs rest.

All the children were exploring in different learning experiences both indoor and outdoor in the afternoon. They were sharing their toys and learning how to be involved in social play.

Overall, all children had fun playing with different learning experiences.

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