Happy June Aqua families.

Today the Aqua children started their day with some indoor activities. Nishka and Teresia decided to prepare morning tea for themselves, and Amelia and Henry enjoyed constructing a train track for the trains.

The children who chose to play outside showed off their awesome physical abilities. William, Remi and Maya did great work with balancing on the balance beam and climbing the tree.

Claire noted the day to be ‘The Silly Day’ and pretended to become a rooster as well as encouraging her peers to become one.

In group time, the children loved listening to stories, singing songs and peers-educators-discussions.

Amelia “I played some music in Crimson yesterday. Isabel and Laura played together!”

Henry “I went to Canberra with Lily.”

Sophia “I like to sit next to Maya.”

Amelia and Isla enjoyed the colour sorting game and helped each other to sort the coloured pom poms.

Henry, Amelia, Nishka, Maya and India enjoyed sensory play where they washed the dinosaurs.

And a group of children pretended to go on a bear hunt in the boat and it was really adventurous.

All our Aqua children had fun today.

Have a good evening.

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