Hello Crimson families! Children had a great start this morning participating in Crimson “house chores” such as; feeding the chickens and watering the plants in the morning. Everyone was happy to help and volunteered to be part of the experience. We will be doing these sustainable practices as part of our routine. We will be brainstorming for more ideas on how we can all be more sustainable in our little community.

Some children participated in a yoga experience on the deck this morning with Arturo. They enjoyed doing different poses and had set up a great start for the day.

The kookaburra group continued working on their “Water Project” and have extended on making umbrellas as extension of water cycle. They have learnt about how the rain forms and branched out the discussion to rainy weather.

The possum group had some fine motor exercises as well as literacy and numeracy exercises using playdough, shapes that they traced and identify. Others were very focused on building using magnet tiles whilst encouraging respect on each other’s space and play.

The platypus group had rhyming words exercises where children contributed words that rhyme. Children were also encouraged to name the letter and sound of the first letter of their names as the group decided to play another literacy game. They liked the challenge of the activity and requested to play “I spy” later in the afternoon. Some children also decided to practice their “underarm throwing”  which they practised in yesterday’s activity.


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