First day of the Winter and children were excited to welcome the new season. In the group time we discussed about Winter season. Looking at their excitement, Tima read a book about seasons and discussed about how some animals like to stay inside their caves and holes and some like to run outside. We will continue to extend their understanding about winter by discussing about the winter animals and clothes.

They also heard an Aboriginal dream time story named as ’When the snake bite the sun’. Children also learnt about the colours that represents the Aboriginal flag. Sony invited children to make play dough referring to these three colours.

Alejandra organised an activity relating to Winter where the children made their own snowman using circle shaped papers and wrote their names inside the circles.

Children did meditation during afternoon and later they were involved in gross motor skills and learnt about turn taking while playing group games. The activity also involves collaboration with each other and balancing the body movements. Children were busy in playing with magnets, farm animals, reading books, cooking foods for their friends in the home corner.

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