Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a great day as much as we do here at Burns Bay Cottage.

We have Justin and Shane today and they held an experiment with the children using marbles and slime. Half of the Possums group and the Platypus group did it first together whilst the Kookaburra group did it afterwards.

Justin had put together a track for the marble run. He also brought different sizes of marbles that children could choose from and explore later on. He also brought some slime that children had spread out on 2 trays for where the marbles would land.

The big group was divided into two and a pair of children had a go at a time. After running the marbles from the middle height, children were encouraged to predict and hypothesise if running the marbles on the higher end would make the marbles land on the further side and also if the marbles were run on the lower end. Everyone paid attention to where the marbles first touched and helped each other in locating it.

Children were very curious as well as interested on how the marbles sticks on the slime and how fast the marbles run down the track.

Everyone was also given chance to explore it on their own and pick different sizes of marbles with varying weights. In the end, children concluded that the higher they drop the marbles the further it went and the lower they run it, the shorter it landed.

Afterwards, children went to direct their own play. Imri, Teos and Max first decided to build a house but later on, Imri decided to make roads for his car. The group then compromised to make a house that has an underground parking for the cars and also a place for the planes and helicopters to land.

Teos and Max also explored the map of Australia and spoke about the animals they saw in there and where they would like to go for a holiday.


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