Good afternoon Aqua families. Hope you all are doing great.

We started our morning by making some play dough inside. Quinn, Amelia, Celina and Anneliese helped Liza to make some play dough demonstrating their good social skills. We also felt the texture of the ingredients and tasted some.

Claire “Salt is so yummy!”

Anneliese “it’s like sugar!”

Quinn “I like salt, can I have some?”

Celina “flour is soft.”

Outside, Poppy, Remi and Matilda enjoyed blowing and popping bubbles with Carolina.

In learning centre, the children enjoyed listening to stories and sang songs together. They exhibited good listening skills and this helps them to enhance their language skills.

Some enjoyed making tiger prints using shaving foam whilst Maya enjoyed painting and recognizing some shapes.

Matilda, Elizabeth, Sophia and Maya enjoyed sailing in their pretend boat for a little bear hunt.

Pasha and Georgia are still enjoying and exploring the Aqua Jungle.

All our Aqua children had fun throughout the day.

Have a lovely evening and stay warm

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